Areas of Specialization

Some areas that we work with individuals, couples and families in therapy include:
• ADHD: I work with both adolescent and adult individuals to organize, prioritize, and manage their lives. Some of these clients have had clinical diagnoses of ADHD, while others simply needed help in these areas. We have found that when people learn to organize and prioritize their lives, the anxiety they experience related to work or school tends to decrease significantly.

• Learning Disabilities: We develop strategies to help children and adults with learning disabilities thrive to their fullest potential in the work and school settings.

• Autism Spectrum Disorders: We provide extensive recommendations and behavioral strategies for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families. These strategies are related to social skills, adaptive behaviors, sensory difficulties, depression, compulsions, and restricted interests, which may be associated to Autism and related disorders.

• Behavioral Modification: We help parents and children with a wide range of behavioral difficulties learn to manage behavior at home and in the school settings. We work with families whose children have tantrums in the school, have not developed skills such as toilet training, or who have aggressive behaviors at home or in school as well as a wide range of other behavioral difficulties.

• Anxiety and Pain Management: We work with adolescents and adults with anxiety using cognitive behavioral therapy and/or relaxation strategies in order to minimize anxiety and/or chronic pain. We believe that with a handful of appropriate strategies, individuals facing either of these conditions can find hope and daily improvement.